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Budget Camera Gear Ltd has been manufacturing film equipment since 2004 first trading as Shoot35 Ltd, whereby they have specialised in 35mm Image Converters/Adapters. The company was founded by Wayne Kinney (Managing Director) after finishing his Honours Degree in Computer Animation. Wayne has had a strong interest in video and photography for many years and has manufactured film equipment to use on his own personal productions. It was through these designs that Wayne decided to produce film accessories and solutions to suit the indie filmmaker. What particularly interested him was achieving a ‘film look’ on video. As he researched the idea he started to develop a homemade 35mm adapter that used 35mm still lenses.

In 2005 he marketed his first adapter for commercial use which was called the ‘SG35’. The unit featured a spinning ground glass design and was provided with a Rod Support System and a choice of three SLR Lens Mounts - Nikon, Canon EOS and Canon FD. After his early success, Wayne redesigned the ‘SG35’ using CNC technology and it was renamed the ‘SGpro R1’. The first ‘SGpro R1’ launched in 2006 and as demand increased he upgraded it through three revisions to include various design changes and improvements based on user requests.

In late 2007 Shoot35 Ltd launched their first Follow Focus (SGfollow Focus) but felt that the ‘SGpro R3’ had approached its design limitations and they required a new 35mm adapter which could incorporate other ideas and features. Starting in January 2008 Shoot35 Ltd researched and developed a new adapter which was called the ‘SGblade’ 35mm Image Converter. Wayne Kinney said “We wanted to add new features and ideas that had been gathered from our users but keeping the foundations of the ‘SGpro R3’ at its heart. In designing the ‘SGblade’ our main focus was to incorporate a spinning Imaging Element that could be interchanged to suit a particular shooting style or environment. We named these Imaging Elements ‘ROTOrazor’ and have produced three different types. Shoot35 Ltd redesigned the casing so that the unit is more compact, lightweight and includes an ‘eye catching colour scheme’. The unit is powered by 2x AAA batteries giving a runtime of approx. 10 hours and Shoot35 Ltd have also worked hard to minimise light loss by improving the optical elements inside the ‘SGblade’ including a new Achromat, Condenser Lens and special coatings.

In 2009 Shoot35 Ltd redesigned there Follow Focus and released the ‘CINEfocus’ Follow Focus which was more lightweight and compact with a completely custom designed gearbox. This has proved extremely popular among the existing adapter market but has also appealed to the DSLR user as this market continues to grow. Shoot35 Ltd increased their range in 2009 with the launch of a Speed Crank (CINE Crank) for the ‘CINEfocus’ and in early 2010 released a DSLR Support System called ‘DSLR Mount’. In late 2010 Shoot35 Ltd released a second version of the ‘CINEfocus’ Follow Focus which was more compact and lightweight.

2011 was a big year for Shoot35 Ltd which included a number of new product releases. in early 2011 Shoot35 Ltd released the 'CINEbox' 4x4" Matte Box which has a compact and lightweight design featuring two 360 Rotating Filter Stages and a Swing Away Hinge System. Shortly after the 'CINEbox' release Shoo35 Ltd released their Shoulder Support System and a range of Support Accessories including a DSLR Viewfinder Loupe called the 'CINEfinder'..

In 2013 as the market continues to change, Shoot35 Ltd changed its name to Budget Camera Gear Ltd while still manufacturing and selling the Shoot35 product brand and hopes to keep providing the indie filmmaker with low cost accessories and solutions to suit their shooting needs.